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The best thing ever this thing realy works hashtag the best thing ever yall beds hit this

love ιт

ι jυѕт downloaded тнιѕ and really love нow eaѕy ιт ιѕ тo conғιgυre and ѕeтυp. тнe only coмplaιnт ι нave ιѕ тнe тнeмeѕ coѕт dιaмondѕ and ιт тaĸeѕ a wнιle тo geт enoυgн тo υnlocĸ ѕoмe oғ тнe oтнer тнeмeѕ. oтнer тнan тнaт тнιѕ ĸeyвoard ιѕ aweѕoмe and ι нιgнly recoммend тнιѕ ιғ yoυ lιĸe ѕwιpe ĸeyвoardѕ.


what a fun app! Nice to change things up a little bit!


This make u type in style

I love this app but.....

So over all like this is the best app to be your key board but Im a bit skeptical about the full axis thing...


Just wish we didnt have to use a virtual currency

IT ᗩᑕTᑌᗩᒪᒪY ᗯOᖇKᔕ

I͙t͙ a͙c͙t͙u͙a͙l͙l͙y͙ w͙o͙r͙k͙s͙ u͙n͙l͙i͙k͙e͙ m͙o͙s͙t͙ a͙p͙p͙s͙ l͙i͙k͙e͙ t͙h͙i͙s͙ i͙t͙s͙ s͙u͙p͙e͙r͙ c͙o͙o͙l͙

Fancy key pro

Awesome app, l love it

FancyyKey pro

I absolutely love this app, it has the best best of all. You just have to figure it all out, but when you do WOW!


I LOVE this app! I can send messages In so many different fonts, so many fun options to choose! I can choose my keyboard to look however I want, and my friends are always trying to figure out how!



Fancy keyboard

I loved this keyboard! However I had to delete it because it was making my phone run slow, if this is fixed I will download it again.

liked it but....

liked how i could change my font on my iphone. but i ended up deleting it b/c it made my phone slow. opened apps and the text messages slow. also made the text i was typing slow. fix that, and ill be back

Love it!!!

highly recommend

I friggin love this app!!!!

Gah ! I love this so much ! Its way better than all the other font apps Ive downloaded!!


Havent used it much but seems pretty cool


This is an amazing app, it can give you awesome fonts αωєѕσмє

Itd good

Im just a little cause it is off but its ok

Awesome app I ever bought

This app is awesome u can design your own keyboard this app is so awesome even my mom likes it

The best app for typing lol

This app is so good I love it so much it make me wont to type.

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